Graph Tech Endorsement

With the new year I am honored and excited to announce a new relationship - I am now officially endorsed by Graph Tech Guitar Labs. Graph Tech has created some of the worlds most recognized products and brands in the music industry. I had my guitars outfitted with with Black Tusq XL nuts and saddles as well as Tusq bridge pins. Tusq is a man made material precision engineered under high pressure and heat, specifically to govern which frequencies are transferred to the guitar top (tone) and which ones remain in the strings (sustain). Tusq is more harmonically respondent than bone or ivory and isn't subject to the inconsistent soft or dead spots caused by the natural grain of organic materials. Plus there isn't a particularly "green" way to get ivory... I have long referred to my touring guitars as "the war elephants" so I get a kick out the fact that they got a "Tusq" upgrade. Graph Tech makes great picks and tons of other cool stuff too. Check out their website here.

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