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Official Video - NPR Tiny Desk Contest 

Over the weekend I sat down with my guitar and a few cases of my favorite beer to make a submission for NPR's Tiny Desk Contest. I'm really happy with the finished product. I chose my song John Law because unfortunately it seems more and more relevant every time I turn on the news. It felt like a good fit since NPR is where I get most of my news anyway. I would like to say that this song is not anti-police, this song is anti-police brutality (which is an important distinction to make). If you listen to the lyrics that should be pretty clear. Not everyone takes the time to listen though, and I suppose that is the root of the problem I am singing about in the first place. 

Official Video - Future Jesus 

Vaude Villan Entertainment produced this video and if it’s half as fun to watch as it was to make, you’re gonna enjoy it. The hardest part of having a bunch of creative friends is that everyone is usually immersed too deeply in artistic projects to find free time to hang out. I think making this video taught me a loophole. Just get a bunch of your creative friends together for a day on an artistic project. Everyone in this video was such a pro and such a joy to be around. We started the shoot a half an hour behind schedule and ended a half an hour a head of schedule. I’m pretty sure that’s a show business first. Head to the Videos page to check it out.