1. I Had A Dream

From the recording salute to america

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I had a dream I was fuckin
up my entire life and I wasn’t even lookin
Kids riding bikes out in the park and flying kites
they ask me why I let it pass me by
maybe I’m in a state of dementia
How did I come to be here am I out in the aether
am I asleep or did I get caught up by the reaper

I had a dream the dollar it was decreasing
the policing was increasing, economy was ceasing
Red white and blue light shining on their cars
front seat separate from backseat by a bunch of bars
I imagine they can only get so far
before someone stands up and says:
“ya know, this place is ours”

I had a dream I was on trial I didn’t know my crime
they gave me 99 consecutive that’s no way to live
it seems excessive, where is my representation?
They asked me did I do it I said “I don’t know”
threw away the key and they wouldn’t let me go
Will I ever see my home back out in Reno?

I had a dream, man, I’ll tell ya everyone was in it
holdin hands and grinnin let me start from the beginnin
We re-evaluated everything we ever hated
then we emancipated the good men locked in cages
Whole world is a stage, you know Bill, maybe it is