From the recording salute to america

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This is my rejection of elections reckon we could use an insurrection
at least an intervention for these politicians greed addiction
Corruption spreads like an infection how can they stand their own reflections
after their transgressions will they ever learn a lesson?
Did I mention my suggestion of a full on insurrection?

I’ve come to question the direction we’ve been lead in
diversion of attention, magic of misdirection
No confessions just deflections, deceptions of perception
as we pray for peace, power, and protection
as greed feeds their obsession

Make their selections at closed door conventions
ten thousand dollar plates just to hear their true intentions
They’re only vying for affection, so many missed connections
all can see the dots few can fill the rest in
fewer still can separate ambition from oppression

Retrospection of my recollections conjures a collection of corrections
evolution is in regression it’s beyond my comprehension
Run the world on racial tension, suppression by complexion
using people as possessions, building profits for their pensions
but they’ll find no redemption

Their profession is the invention of laws and misconceptions
but they’re free to make exceptions at their own discretion
My conviction is a mission to find anyone who’ll listen
sending out a call to withdrawal from the system
Unplug from the machines and find a way to rage against them

After further inspection I have objections apprehensions
indigestion from projections fed to eat away my seconds
Expressions of aggression haven’t made a good impression
hell it seems we’re headin straight for Armageddon
but a better world does beckon