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John Law

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Hey John Law who do you think you are?
Hey John Law, hey officer
Who gave you the badge?
Who gave you the right?
Who gave you that gun
now who you got in your sites tonight?

Tough damn job takes a lot of nerve
swearing your life to protect and serve
Takes a true hero of the highest calling
still some angels can’t help falling
Now the funny thing about a brotherhood
is it’s hard to see when your brother’s no good
But the justice you serve is a justice blind
we need the hired guns to keep an open mind

We the people asked you to deliver us from evil
no not for you to deliver the evil to us
We got riots, violence, murders with no trial
need to break the cycle before we lose another child
But all the news I read
is written in blood from the streets
and the weather report predicts a flood

My buddy Ike he was in a protest
god bless no deaths and no arrests
Brothers and sisters bound arm in arm
in the streets of Chicago stopping cars
Moment of silence in the name of good
to show those bastards that they could
take back the streets and do it in peace