From the recording salute to america

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Elephants and asses terrorize the masses
sort us into classes like a bunch of fucking fascists
And without batting lashes we just keep paying taxes
wonder where the cash is as our nation slowly crashes

I said hell no I wont go go go
I can do just fine on my own

So I’m playin guitar and sittin cuz I gave up television
there’s too many politicians on re-election missions
This two party system has fallen out of rhythm, I can’t
sit back and listen to a bunch of corporate villains

“Don’t vote don’t bitch”, so say the rich
that’s really quite a hitch for a system that’s so kitsch
Cuz if you’re buying in to a game you know is fixed
well if you ask me, it’s you that’d be the bitch

So if no one votes their conscience
well then, why do we want this overblown contest?
Fuck the senate and the congress, convoluted nonsense
Fuck the Bilderbergs and their bosses
yeah them god damn wall street mobsters