From the recording salute to america

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God damn the middleman selling schemes and scams
the devils plan is idol hands supplying the demand
Here’s a new product everyone wants it
I bought it just to say I got it, I thought it
was electronic, but it wasn’t so I tossed it
Back to the store now gotta buy more now
new yesterday today it’s all worn out
Prices going up values going down
heard it’s even worse on the other side of town
It’s rent to own and lease to buy
sign right here on the dotted line
Pay on time and pay no mind
but fall behind and you get fined
We’re doomed to consume...

Analytics of statistics determine how ads get listed
we’re all materialistic if you can pique our interest
What’s on special? When’s the sale?
What are details to order by mail?
Holy grail of retail, humanities final nail
Back to shoppin prices are droppin
economy is boomin no sign of stoppin
Stock up and stuff the stockings
without talkin about who’s profiting
Operations of corporations
rely on enslavement of third world nations
Negotiations on regulations
to further profit from our savings

Everyman is a dollar sign in another mans eyes
you can sell anything to anyone
if you don’t mind takin the time
I accepted and agreed
to terms and conditions that I didn’t read
and now some mad man is following me
selling me things that I don’t need