1. Get Right

From the recording salute to america

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Now mud and bricks and sticks and stones
they may break my bones
but be wary what you cast inside of your glass home
For the walls are paper thin, the world is peering in
It’s a self appointed jury judging you, your sins

Better get right, by god
better get right before you’re too far gone
Better get right, by god
better get right because you’re doin wrong

There is no all seeing eye peering from the sky
the only god you’ll ever find is the one you hold inside
and as you fall from grace you wonder
where to keep your faith
Well just put it in yourself, the only place it’s safe

I won’t bend, I won’t break, gonna learn from my mistakes
I won’t bow when Im beat, I won’t grovel at no ones feet, no
I won’t beg, I won’t beckon for forgiveness before you reckon
We all bleed, we all bust, born just to return to dust