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New Release - Medicine 

The bad news is I can't really buy Christmas presents this year because I spent all my money building the brand new Loud As Folk recording studio. The good news is: lots of great music will be coming in 2017. In the spirit of seasonal giving, head over to the music page for a free download of Medicine, the first track I recorded in the new studio. 

In the Loud As Folk tradition, I had some help from my friends. My Six Mile Station bandmate John Underwood jumped in on the banjo and punk rock legend Chris Fox can be found shredding the lead guitar.

I hope your holiday spirits are as high as I am. Look out for lots of releases next year and if you are around Reno for NYE join me at Third Street Bar where I'll be opening for Hellbound Glory. 

New Release - Black River  

I was invited to participate in a collaborative art show called Perspectives based on the poetry of Ryan Goldhammer. I thought it would be a great excuse to push myself in a different direction so I locked myself in the studio for a few days and got to work. The end result is a lot different than anything I have released and something I'm very proud of. The lyrics for the first verse and chorus were taken directly from the poem, the second verse and bridge were lyrics I added. This is a completely self produced release, I did the engineering, mixing, and mastering myself. I also sang, played rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, and organ. My Six Mile Station band mate Jeffrey Knight joined me to lay down some great, driving percussion parts as well. To hear the song, see the album art Ryan Goldhammer created, and read my artist statement head to the Music Page.

If you would like to see the rest of the art created for the show visit Hub Coffee Roasters at 727 Riverside Dr, Reno, NV 89503 between March 3rd and 26th. 

New Release - Gas Money 

After constant touring with Six Mile Station over the last couple of years and putting out our album Aoudiobiography last month, I realized I was about to set out on a cross country solo tour without a proper solo record. I called up Richard Spagnola at Dogwater Studios and told him my situation and that it was going to take 1 day, 2 microphones, and him to fix it. I'm really happy with how it turned out. You can check out a few tracks on the Music page.

This is limited release of 50 hand made copies on CD that will only be available to my live shows and once they're gone, they're gone. You can stream 3 of the 10 tracks on this website.